Zodiac Pool Care Inc, 10°


In July 2008
California, United States

About Us 

Zodiac, masters the elements to bring customers a full range of automatic pool cleaners and water treatment systems. Renowned worldwide for the quality and reliability of its products in the aeronautical and marine sectors, Zodiac has brought its experience and expertise to swimming pools and spas. Backed by Baracuda, Nature2 and Clearwater technologies, Zodiac brings you the best in top quality equipment design and performance.

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of automatic pool cleaners, Zodiac utilizes exclusive Baracuda technology to provide in-ground and aboveground cleaners with a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability.

Zodiac's Nature2 mineral-based sanitizing products deliver crystal clear water without the irritants of traditional water treatments. With Controlled Release Technology, natural water conditioning capabilities, sanitizing, and a stabilizing effect on pH balance, Nature2 gives you more time to enjoy the water.

Recognized as one of the world's leading saltwater chlorinators, Zodiac's Clearwater chlorinators produce pure chlorine automatically and clean, soft and luxurious pool water effortlessly.