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In August 2008
Los Angeles, California, United States

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Jeremy Moore
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About Us 

We are an organization founded in 2008 with the simple goal of trying to affect the world in a positive way. We do this in several ways, mainly by sharing knowledge about things in our world that matter, such as issues of social and environmental responsibility, and by celebrating life through any form or art or artistic endeavor.

We have built a website, www.weearth.com, that includes an insightful and inspiring e-zine, an online storefront (that only hosts responsibly produced goods, arts and crafts), as well as a social network that we hope will empower our community to connect and grow on infinite levels.

We sometimes sponsor the production and distribution of any type of art that happens to bloom within the community and always look to the community for ideas and inspiration.

Offline, we have participated in and even sponsored the greening efforts of several events and look forward to taking more action as an organization.

We believe strongly in supporting our community in whatever way we can and are grateful to our community for supporting us.

Without you, we don't exist... but together we can do wonders.

We feel deeply about the importance of living and doing business in a sustainable way, but also understand the importance of maintaining a sustainable existence while on the path to symbiosis.

We encourage positive change and growth, and try to supply interested people and organizations with whatever information and resources we have to share, in an effort to simplify the process.

We know it can be overwhelming, but we also know that WE can do it.

We believe in humanity and we believe society wants to change.

We look forward to the day that a balance is found.

... and we embrace the celebration of life that makes all of this worth it.