Worldwatch Institute, 10°


In July 2008
Washington, DC, United States

About Us 

The Worldwatch Institute is an independent research organization known around the world for its accessible, fact-based analysis of critical global issues. Worldwatch research is the gold-standard for sustainability analysis for decision makers in government, civil society, business, and academia.

Worldwatch experts meet frequently with government and private leaders to inform their decisions. The Institute leverages a global network of partner organizations and senior fellows that allows it to reach key decision makers. Our current geographic focus is on Brazil, China, India, Europe, and the United States—the areas of the world that are pivotal to addressing the world’s environmental and social problems.

Founded in 1974, Worldwatch disseminates its work in more than 100 countries via the Internet and global news media. The Institute earns 25 percent of its revenue from sales of publications and data and 40 percent from foundation, government, and institutional grants. Worldwatch’s network of individual donors provides 35 percent of the budget, including most of the unrestricted revenue that is essential to the Institute’s work.