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About Us 

Canada's first green Environmental Job Site. That's something we've taken to heart in building We believe it has to be about more than just slapping the word 'green' or 'environmental' on a company.

Reducing our environmental footprint is important to us. is Canada's first job site bullfrogpowered™ with 100 per cent green electricity. Because of our investment in green renewable energy, in one year alone’s website, servers and office base will offset their emissions footprint by an estimated 4.79 tonnes of CO2 (the primary gas that causes climate change). We use Bullfrog Power™, the leading Canadian 100 per cent green electricity retailer that sources electricity exclusively from wind power and low-impact water power producers that have achieved the federal government’s EcoLogo certification. By using Bullfrog Power, we're helping to advance sustainable energy solutions that help protect our Earth, ensure clean air, land and water and prevent climate change.

CONSERVATIONISTS MAKING A DIFFERENCE was founded by conservationists. Our head office is based in a 30-acre forest in Canada's ecologically rich Carolinian Zone, home to some of the country's most endangered animal and plant species. We know what it means to slog through the forest planting thousands of seedlings. We know what it means to preserve, restore and enhance habitat. We just don't talk about it. We actually do it. One of our founding sponsors is one of the largest tree seedling producers in North America.

Contributing financially to environmental causes is another commitment we've made. is the first environmental job site (and the first job site in Canada) to be certified as a member of internationally-acclaimed 1% For The Planet, the highly respected philanthropic organization founded and run by environmentalists. A portion of our proceeds go back to environmental organizations. In 2008, also became a founding eco-sponsor of Run for One Planet, a North America-wide series of marathons to raise awareness of climate change.

At we know money doesn't grow on trees. We're not about charging hundreds of dollars to post a single job. Our unique approach as a professional-level green job site helps organizations and companies recruit employees, but also ensures more money stays where it should: With organizations and companies to fund environmental work.