Vishnugupta Vanaparva Projects, 22°


In September 2008
Kashedi, Maharashtra, India

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Vijay Bhide
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About Us 

Our Objectives:

1) To promote educational philosophy, technologies and programmes required for meeting the challenges before our society in the third millennium.

2) To start, develop and manage formal and non-formal educational institutions at all levels and conduct educational and human resource development programmes on a continuous and tailor made basis for furthering knowledge in any field.

3) To develop a common platform and infrastructure for all citizens of our society , who are convinced that the change - agents required for the society’s betterment have to emerge only from within the society itself and it is their responsibility to nurture such change – agent on a continuous basis.

4) To develop socio – cultural mechanisms to imbibe an attitude of participatory self – development among the Rural and Urban masses of our country and to introduce suitable non formal educational programmes and educational technologies required for them.

5) To conduct training and motivational programmes for the officers and employees of the corporate sector, the academic institutions, the government departments and the Nongovernmental Organizations ( NGO’s ) to them, so that the synergistic benefits can be drawn in the process of Rural reconstruction in particular and of human upliftment in general.

6) To develop socio-culture mechanism which promote the “Vishnugupta outlook” towards life, viz.

a) This life is meant for the realization of our unity with the Universal soul,

b) Individually and collectively, we have to make concerted efforts for the betterment of both, the material progress ( abhudaya ) and the spiritual upliftment ( nisshreyas ),

c) Conflict ( Competition ) and cooperation are two aspects of life. Realizing this we have to develop an attitude of reconciliation between the two, in our march towards the ultimate goal of life.

d) The physically, economically, socially and intellectually stronger sections of the society have a responsibility towards the sustenance of the relatively weaker sections. This responsibility is to be accepted willingly and fulfilled by a self imposed discipline. In nature, the relatively stronger species have genetically imposed restrictions on the use of their strength, so t\hat the weaker species and through them, the biodiversity is sustained. Of late, the civilized (?) human societies seem to have overlooked this cardinal principal that sustained life on the earth for eons. Vishnugupta will strive to nature this self-discipline among the young generation by a judicious combination of the traditional wisdom of our society and the latest educational technologies.

7) To conduct, sponsor and encourage research and development activities in improving the socioeconomic and psycho- cultural effectiveness of education as a medium of social change. To offer consultancy and training programmes to all concerned sections of our society.