The Offset Project, 10°


In November 2013
Downtown Monterey, United States

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Shannon Wall
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126 Bonifacio Pl. Suite F Monterey, CA
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United States

About Us 

We are a non-profit organization that work towards creating green initiatives on the Monterey Peninsula. I work with the County of Monterey on increasing recycling and reducing trash at multi-family and unincorporated sites. We also work with the City of Monterey on increasing composting at multiple businesses including the site we are most proud of, the Portola Hotel & Spa, who strive to improve their sustainability every year. We support them with this through waste audits, education, and resources.

The Offset Project gets the community involved by helping many venues in Salinas and Monterey become close to "zero-waste". We do this through having students from CSUMB, Pacific Grove High, Monterey Institute of International Studies, or Defense Language Institute volunteer for us to educate the public on source separating materials.
For example, a volunteer would stand at each "zero-waste" station which includes a compost, recycle, and trash bin. When someone from the public walks over to the ZW station to "trash" their lunch the volunteer is there to say "hey did you know your cup and napkin is compostable?". And they make sure that material goes into the right bin while educating people who are not really family with the word "compost".

One of our most innovative projects is our Carbon Fund, which funds local schools to be able to install solar panels. This helps to: reduce local GHG emissions, accelerates the adoption of renewable energy technology, creates jobs and new educational opportunities in the renewable energy field, keeps local dollars spent on RECs, and offsets right here in our own community.