The Centre for Sustainability Leadership, 15°


In May 2011
Melbourne and Sydney, Australia

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Elizabeth Stott
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Level 7, 225 Bourke St
Melbourne CBD
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About Us 

Our world is in need of leaders and change makers who have the commitment, courage and skill to drive positive change and realise their aims for a sustainable future.

The Centre for Sustainability Leadership (CSL) is a not for profit dedicated to expanding the influence of people who want to create a sustainable future, by building their knowledge, skills and networks.

CSL runs an annual Fellowship Program for ambitious sustainability change makers in both Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. This is a unique training opportunity where the selected individuals develop the skills, networks and knowledge needed to be effective in forging a more sustainable future.

The Fellowship Program alumni group has grown to over 200 people since CSL was founded in 2005 by Larissa Brown (2008 Australian Young Environmentalist of the Year). CSL’s alumni program aims to provide lifelong professional development, support and inspiration to the Fellowship Program graduates as they strive to play lead roles in the creation of a sustainable global society.

CSL also operates Leadership Rewired, an innovative and practical e-learning, matching service and networking platform. Find out more at, or view Leadership Rewired's project profile.

Our Vision:
A sustainable world

Our Mission:
To expand the influence of people who care about a sustainable future

Our Plan:
To create a sustainable future by building the knowledge, skills and networks of emerging leaders.