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In July 2011
San Diego, United States

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Zach Frantz
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The Activent is a smart product that is designed to help you manage the climate of individual rooms in your home or office with ease. The Activent replaces existing vent/register covers in your home, converting them into active components in a zoned heating and cooling system. A wireless thermostat, which can be placed anywhere within the room, signals the vent to close when the desired temperature is reached or open to allow additional heating or cooling.

The innovative Activent helps eliminate the common problem of over-heated or overcooled room. In a home, a central thermostat tells the heating or cooling system to turn on. Hot or cool air is pumped throughout the home until the central thermostat reaches the temperature you have selected. However, homes are composed of large and small rooms each with different windows, ductwork, and environments. Achieving a desired temperature in one room may cause another room to be over-heated or overcooled. The Activent zones your home, allowing you to set the desired temperature in a room and automatically have the vent shut when the temperature is reached.