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In November 2009
Nairobi, Kenya

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Sam Ooko
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SolarGren Media Ltd
Suite GEC 815, 15th Floor
View Park Towers
Utalii Lane/ Uhuru Highway

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POB 62469, City Square
00200, Nairobi, KENYA

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About Us 

SolarGren Media Ltd is a pan-African sustainability communications organization dedicated to promoting environmental and sustainable issues on the global platform. SolarGren Media Ltd helps clients, including SMEs and non governmental organizations in Africa, to find their sustainability footing by modeling their green stance on the global business environment.

Our concept revolves around sustainability in the business environment our business model is designed to help businesses in Africa go green. Yet those that are already on the path toward sustainability can be made more successful and better inspired.

We provide practical green business information to organizations, business executives, institutions, environmentalists and innovators. These are green entrepreneurs, owners and leaders who have taken actions to make their companies more sustainable – in a way that makes their companies more successful.