Samskar Agro Industries,


In April 2010
Nellore, India

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About Us 

‘Samskar Agro Industries’ is a start-up organization originated as a Partnership firm in 2009. With about 20 years of rich industrial experience, we are predominantly interested on pre & post harvesting management, manufacturing and distribution of naturally grown food commodities ranging from pulses, herbs to vegetables and fruits.

In a broader sense, agricultural marketing may be viewed as a process encompassing all the steps involved from the producer to the consumer including pre and post harvest operations such as producing, procuring, grading, storage, transportation and distribution. According to the National Commission on Agriculture (XII report) agricultural marketing is a process, which starts with the decision to produce a saleable farm commodity, and it involves all the aspects relating to pre and post harvest operations. By performing these operations, it adds value to the produce in terms of time, place and farm utilities. Storage facilities are also essential in marketing infrastructure.

SAMSKAR – ‘Sustainable Agricultural Model with Scientific Knowledge and Agronomical Resources’ - is an organization with an objective of promoting a sustainable model by vertically integrating the agricultural activities, maximizing feedstock yields, adopting sustainable farming practices, providing local employment, protecting environment with a positive organic footprint and superior qualitative products created by industry’s best practices. The model delivers the project profitability and community benefits under virtually all environmental and economical conditions.