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In June 2008
New Zealand, New Zealand


About Us 

Founded in 1936 in Tokyo, Japan, Ricoh currently earns over $17 Billion in annual sales with 81,900 employees and offices in over 150 countries. We are a global leader in digital office solutions, contributing to the success of businesses in every corner of the world.

A rich history of innovation, combined with a respect for the quality of the lives we touch, has made us who we are today.

As a commercial enterprise, it goes without saying that profits have their place, but our purpose is not to maximize profits at any cost. Rather, in line with our corporate philosophy, we aim to balance reasonable profits with outstanding environmental performance.

Our environmental performance goals include minimizing the environmental impact of all our products, services and activities. This includes reducing the power consumption of our products, recycling, pollution reduction and the support of an environmental management system that explores every opportunity to conduct our business in ways that benefit and protect the world we all live in.

Global Network
With 81,900 employees and offices in over 150 countries, the Ricoh Group has built one of the industry's most extensive sales and support network. Our powerful global network serves the needs of a diversified customer base.