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In October 2011
Los Angeles, United States

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Corey Scholibo
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610 South Main St. Suite 335, Los Angeles, CA
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United States

About Us 

Repurpose makes products from plants, not petroleum, using Ingeo™ resin and meet ASTM 6400 compostability standards. Founded in 2009, Repurpose® Compostables offers a line of high quality, compostable food service products for businesses and consumers with a focus on premium and innovative products that reinvent the way people look at food service. Repurpose also offers custom products solutions in every category.

Our mission is to educate the public about the problems of continuing to use petroleum based plastic products and offer renewable, plant based, compostable alternatives. Additionally, Repurpose works with businesses, municipalities, and individuals to retrofit any traditionally plastic based product with a bioplastic alternative at competitive prices.

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