Renewable Densified Fuels, 10°


In June 2009
New Buffalo, Michigan, United States

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Ben Wiggins
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311 West Buffalo Street
New Buffalo, Michigan
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United States

About Us 

The company has a patent pending system that creates a high Btu value (10,000 Btu/LB)densified biomass fuel for use in large commercial, industrial and utility boilers. The fuel ranges in size from 3/4" - 1.5" in diameter and is typically sized from 2"-4" in length or ground to 1"-2" size for feeding into existing coal fired or solid fuel boiler systems. The firm is developing several new projects in the United States and Canada and has two existing installations producing densified biomass fuel at a paper mill (co-fired with other biomass) and in a dedicated on-site fuel operation providing energy to a 32,000 square foot horse bedding production plant utilizing the screened resiudals for feedstock into the fuel production facility.