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In March 2012
Auckland, New Zealand

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Hannah Wills
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Pure Advantage
PO Box 911-491
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142, New Zealand
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New Zealand

About Us 

Pure Advantage has been established by a group of New Zealand business leaders to create a transformational shift to Green Growth.
We are focused on delivering world-leading improvements to our economy, our environment and the living standards of all New Zealanders.
Climate change is an issue of huge concern to Pure Advantage, and we are very supportive of any practical steps to limit emissions in New Zealand as part of the journey towards Green Growth.
To briefly outline six key things Pure Advantage is doing to create a shift to Green Growth:
1) We have launched a Public Awareness Campaign to get all kiwis involved (www.pureadvantage.org)
2) We are engaging with Politicians across all Parties
3) We are stimulating green business to help green kiwi companies export our green products and services
4) We have commissioned a Macroeconomic Review to create a business case for Green Growth in NZ due to be released by May 2012
5) Once our research is complete, we will use this framework to select several green growth initiatives based on benefit to both the environment and the economy
5) We will establish a Corporate Leaders Group to champion and deliver these transformational green growth initiatives in NZ

We would like your support, so please visit our website www.pureavantage.org and sign up to Green Growth in New Zealand.