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In August 2010
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Providence Solar Powered Portable Water Purification Systems turn dirty, contaminated water into clean safe healthy drinking water. These highly mobile water decontamination and purification units are designed for many years of service in harsh conditions. They require no fuel and provide clean drinking water for thousands. Perfect for remote locations, disaster relief, military operations, etc.

Providence Solar Powered Water Pumps move water where it is needed for crops, for livestock, and for people. No fuel is required. Our systems are a sustainable and cost-effective water supply management solution, with pumping capabilities ranging from half a gallon per minute for drip irrigation, to more than a thousand gallons per minute for flood irrigation.

Providence Providence Providence introduces a revolutionary mobile energy, water purification and communications system, powered by the wind and the sun. The trailer-mounted system can generate up to 12kw auxiliary power and features a telescoping 106-foot communications tower that can be automatically deployed by the hydraulics system.

Optional water purification system