Oxfam New Zealand, 15°


In June 2010
Auckland, New Zealand

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Contact email:
Level 1, 14 West St, Newton
PO Box 68357, Newton
Auckland 1145
New Zealand

About Us 

Oxfam New Zealand (www.oxfam.org.nz) is a secular development charity, affiliated to Oxfam International, committed to working with partners and allies to achieve real and lasting change that will result in better lives for people living in poverty.

Working with people caught in extreme poverty in many overseas regions (especially the Pacific and Asia), we provide practical support with essentials like safe water, basic education and a reliable food supply. When natural disasters or conflicts strike, Oxfam is there, not only to save lives but to help communities recover. We also ensure there's lasting solutions by advocating for change to the structures and policies that keep communities in poverty.

Oxfam New Zealand has a strong commitment to reducing our emissions and environmental footprint. We are part of the InStep program (www.getinstep.org) and a member of the Sustainable Business Network.