Nana's Gourmet Comfort LLC, 11°


In May 2009
Rochester Hills, MI, United States

About Us 

Nana’s Comfort Gourmet Company TM
Carol Genyea Kaplan, President & Founding Mother
Kenneth Chandler Young, Co-founder & CFO
We will soon release the names of our board of advisors who will represent all faiths as well as diverse professions.

Our basic philosophy: Historically, since the beginning of any religious concepts or belief systems developed there has been friction between groups of people who “believed” differently. Archeological evidence shows that this dates back to pre-monotheistic or polytheistic times.

Dating back to ancient times war has been declared between: first tribes of peoples, then cities, then city-states, then countries with increasing destructiveness. The modern world wars I & II are extreme examples of the heightened ability to engage many countries in trenchant warring involving large numbers of people and the death toll was staggering. With the advent of 20th century nuclear capacity, our entire planet is vulnerable to extinction. Proliferation of weapons that can annihilate, indeed threatens not only our human species but also all plant and animal species now existing on the planet earth.

In our world, our only home, we all crave comfort and hope. We all long for a world of peace and prosperity and a home filled with love, understanding and compassion. Hearth and home; comfort and love, where we can raise children who have a future and a planet that is sustainable, filled with the gorgeous diversity of not only our human family but the great diversity of plant and animal species.

We surely need a great shift in consciousness, where we don’t just practice tolerance for one another but truly honor our many cultural, spiritual and religious traditions. We believe that each of us can perform just one small act each day whether that involves forgiveness for those we feel have wronged us, or extending compassion and a helping hand to someone in need, any act that draws us closer to understanding and peacefulness, not just co-existing, but actually thriving together
no matter our personal beliefs for we all promote the common good.

We believe that we are the very first company to put forth a mission statement which puts into practice interfaith inclusion of all peoples.
To this end we are producing our first truly gourmet candy product
that meets all dietary restrictions in our religious communities; Kosher, Halal, Vegan and eventually dietetic for those who love sweets but have sugar restrictions. The mission statement of Nana’s Gourmet Comfort
Company TM is:

"To promote interfaith communication and education in
our communities in part by making sweet Gourmet things which
people of all traditions can enjoy"

We hope to help sweeten the world a little more not just by wonderful, comforting tastes on the tongue but by encouraging mindfulness of the words our tongues form to bring joy, peace and compassion to one another.

“The love we give away is the only love we keep.”

Greet each day with this affirmation:
Today, I will not worry
, Today, I will not be angry, Today, I will give thanks for my many blessings, Today, I will do my work honestly, Today, I will be kind to every living thing.
Altered from the original by By Reiki Master K. Scott Teeters