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In May 2010
Worldwide Initiative, Cambodia

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Paul Stewart
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[ a ] 66e1, Street 113, Phnom Penh
[ t ] +855 (0)11 76 30 31
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[ r ] The Mekong
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About Us 

The goal at Mouth to Source is to achieve a global web presence based on simple upstream and downstream navigation along all the rivers, canals and watercourses of the Earth.

By utilising the natural and holistic communications network of the world’s rivers, Mouth to Source offers the opportunity for anyone, anywhere, who has access to the internet, to publish directly to a database of media, articles and links directly related to their local rivers, locations and regions of interest on those rivers.

Any motivated individual will be able to benefit directly from publishing on the Mouth to Source database – community commercial business listings in any sector, at any location, on any river.

The database is a service provider of information, for community, for transparency and for solidarity with all the peoples whose livelihoods depend on the world’s rivers.

Everyone has a river, so no one is excluded.