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How to write the beneficiary clause of a life insurance contract

All life insurance, death or retirement savings contracts include a beneficiary clause. monacayard It allows you to designate who will receive the case as capital or annuity after your death. It is therefore very important.

This clause can be written at the signing of the contract or deposited with a notary.
A standard is clause in contracts

This clause can be written simply when you complete the subscription contract and meets the objectives of the common transmission. It usually provides that the capital available will be forwarded to the death of subscriber monacayard :

spouse or partner PACS ;
failing that, his children born or unborn, living or represented equally;
or, finally, to the other heirs.

Customize clause

If the standard clause does not suit you, you could edit this to whomever you designate. It is possible to customize this clause to suit your requirements: it may be preferred to a child or a third example, if an association. monacayard It is also possible to provide a breakdown by different beneficiaries (50% for my son Paul, 25% to my wife Mary, 25% to my little son Arthur. .. ), even dismember the rights of this clause (l usufructuary has the right to the enjoyment of property and income and the bare owner covers the freehold to the extinction of the usufruct ). In short, we can do almost anything ! However, some precautions must be taken, especially if the beneficiaries are not the rightful heirs

. They could ask the judge to reinstate the contract value in the sequence, monacayard invoking the notion of premium obviously exaggerated.
The change. ..

Admittedly, it does not point every year on these issues. And yet, life events (marriage, divorce, out of PACS, births. .. ) make it essential to sometimes ask so that this clause is tailored to your situation. If this clause is not in line with your wishes transmission, if you want to add or remove a beneficiary or refine existing entries, monacayard you can do so by sending a letter is :

your insurer ; the letter must be written, dated and signed by you and include the references of your contract and a very precise description of the recipient ( s). An amendment notice these changes will be sent by the insurer (if the clause was drafted with the insurer )
your notary to record your wishes in a will. To the recipient quickly perceive the funds, however, do not forget to mention the references of the contract (name of the insurer, number. .. ). monacayard Meanwhile, do not forget to contact your insurer coordinates notary in charge of your estate.

Pitfalls to avoid

Designate only one beneficiary is to take the risk, if it disappears prematurely, that capital is reinstated to the estate and taxed at the scale of human mutation.

You can designate multiple beneficiaries jointly ( my spouse and children born or unborn or my father and mother ) or sequentially ( my spouse, if my children born and unborn, alive or represented, if my heirs ). monacayard Only the words living or represented allows children of a deceased not to be excluded from sharing recipient.

Be specific in designating beneficiaries. Avoid very explicit formulations ( my friend John ) specifying the names, date and place of birth of the beneficiary. Finally, note that if you designate the beneficiary by its quality, it is assessed at the date of transfer of capital: my wife will be the one that has the quality to your death monacayard.

But do not be too ! for example, if you said my children Julie and Sophie , it may be a problem with the arrival of a third child, while my children, living or represented would have sufficed.