Mark Winter,


In September 2008
Canberra, Australia

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Mark Winter
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Suite 3b, 175 Varsity Parade
Varsity Lakes
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The Computers Off campaign is a simple but important initiative designed to educate home, business and government users on how to reduce our carbon footprint by enabling power management on our home and work computers.

Implementing power management will substantially reduce your carbon emissions – and make a real difference to the planet.

The Computers off label is the computer industry's guide to help business, government and individuals quickly and easily identify organisations that are doing their part to reduce their power consumption and in turn reducing their CO2 emissions.

The goal of the labelling initiative is to encourage organisation to improve the use of power throughout their ICT infrastructure and inturn reducing their carbon footprint.

The campaign challenges these entities to meet the Computers Off CO2 reduction and labelling requirements and we encourage you to look out for the computers off label and support organisation displaying these labels.