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In October 2009
Reykjavik, Iceland

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About Us 

Mannvit Engineering is a leader in renewable Geothermal Energy and Hydroelectric Power, with over 40 years of experience. The company offers turn-key services and solutions for geothermal energy and hydroelectric power development to projects all over the world.

Founded in 1963, the company's origins can be traced back to Iceland's transition into a modern, industrial nation. Around this same time, while most other countries were utilizing inexpensive fossil fuels for energy, Iceland, due to its geography, turned to renewable geothermal and hydroelectric resources for growth and development. Due to this early adoption, today Iceland is a leader in renewable energy utilization with over 99% of its electricity and heating needs coming from hydroelectric power and geothermal energy.

Mannvit Engineering, the largest firm in Iceland, participated in most of the geothermal and hydroelectric power plants built since the early 1960's and in that time has amassed vast experience and expertise. The company offers a broad range of consulting, design, technologies and EPCM services for geothermal and hydroelectric energy projects as well as the construction and maintenance of overhead transmission lines, substations and transformer stations.