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In December 2008
Iver, BUCKS, United Kingdom

About Us 

Here at LowCarbonEconomy.com, we’re connecting people and businesses with low carbon information and solutions.

When we say ‘low carbon economy’, we mean one in which sustainability, energy, resources, environment, technology and lifestyle are all tackled in a responsible and positive way.

We believe that many of the solutions necessary for a transition to a low carbon economy already exist, but that they are not being adopted quickly enough for a multitude of reasons. One reason is, as always, effective communication, and that’s where LowCarbonEconomy.com comes in.

We work on and offline with organisations that can provide low carbon solutions, from environmentally-friendly office stationery through to chimney balloons, biomass boilers and even electric scooters and a wind-up torch. Organisations showcase their products, services, business opportunities, case studies and jobs alongside discussions, tips and links from our active and passionate community.

We believe that mass collaboration is immensely important for the transition to a low carbon economy. Only by synergy of structure, participation and solutions can we all work out what matters to us, what we can do about it and then actually do something about it. Come and visit the site to find out more.