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In February 2012
ROCHESTER, NY, United States

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Three-Quarter Innovations, LLC is a Rochester, NY based engineering and design company focused on solving annoying little problems through creative and clever thinking. The Label Popper is their first commercially available product.

Who among you would like to help save a million trees a year? What if I told you that saving those million trees could also eliminate the CO2 from 10,000 average American cars? Do I have your attention?

The good news is that both of these goals are easily achievable with a tiny little addition to your recycling routine. The bad news is, hardly anybody knows about it.

We are talking about what happens to the labels from steel (tin) cans. Americans recycle 65% of the 30 Billion cans used every year. That’s nearly 20 Billion cans being recycled and that’s pretty good. The problem is that when a can is recycled with the label attached, it is destroyed in the process of recycling the metal.

Recycling centers separate steel cans using powerful magnets and then crush them into large blocks that are sent to steel mills to be melted down. When the cans are melted down, 95% of the labels are still attached. The paper destroyed in this process is equivalent to more that 1 Million trees every year. Furthermore, for every ton of paper burned, 1,500 pounds of CO2 are released into the atmosphere.

Check out this infographic that explains the problem:

Then, go to to see a video that explains the problem in detail.

So, if that’s the problem, what’s the solution?

Simply put, if we removed the paper labels from the steel cans BEFORE tossing them into the recycling bin, both the can and the paper could be properly reclaimed.

Until now, removing labels from cans was both difficult and dangerous, but a new product has made this recycling step easy, safe and fun. The product is called the Label Popper and it was invented by a frustrated dad whose kids were collecting Campbell’s soup can labels for school. The problem was he kept stabbing himself in the thumb with the knife or scissor he was using to remove the label. Once he discovered how much paper was being destroyed by NOT removing labels, both the cause and the product were born. Over five-years several designs were developed and tested and the final result is a product with no sharp edges or points that easily removes the label from the can in seconds.