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The bank loan : according to a jONATHAN MIKULA whatever the amount of other investments that you will get the bank loan is often a must, since many investors lend you money promised that if you managed to convince a bank to place money you .

Indeed, a banker will lend you money only if it considers that the risk he is very low. Ie if it considers that the project holds, and you can carry it. However, this does not mean that your project has been denied by a bank there necessarily a problem. In case of refusal, try another bank, then another, then another. jONATHAN MIKULA Try different branches of the same bank, you will be greeted differently depending on the caller.

You should first try to get a unsecured loan or a bank loan ? In fact it is easier to get a bank loan if you already have an unsecured loan (some unsecured loans are also primarily designed to enable designers to obtain bank loans). But often to get a unsecured loan agencies will ask you to have at least met bankers to tell them about your project, and ideally have a loan commitment if such and such conditions are met jONATHAN MIKULA.

So while you are writing the business plan, contact already with your personal bank to submit your project and have a first review. Try to get a loan commitment if you manage to obtain additional financing, to have a local if you need one, etc. ., Or at worst a positive opinion on your record in the state. Then try to get the loan of honor, highlighting the fact that you already have a contact with a bank. Once unsecured loan obtained, see your banker and try to get the bank loan.
Subsidies : these are outright donations, government or organizations who want to revitalize a sector or the creation of whole enterprises. jONATHAN MIKULA It is not easy to financial obtenirAides and when this is the case it may take several months before you receive the funds, so station ! Do not count on it to start your business and purchase your essential equipment. The best place to find grants is the site of OSEO. There are also grants based areas, regions, city sometimes ... Check with your support network.

If you are unemployed, you can also ask that the employment center continues to pay you your benefits for a year after you start a business, or even pays you a portion of your remaining allowances payable as a lump sum. jONATHAN MIKULA Click here to learn more.

Exemptions : are indirect aid in the form of a tax exemption or tax. Very valuable to give a boost to your business. The best known are :

The ACCRE. Exemption from social security contributions for a year, possibly with a loan of honor.
Urban Free Zones device. The Rolls -Royce of exemptions. If you get to benefit your business 100% exempt from tax for 5 years, then 60% for another 5 years (!), To a maximum of € 100,000 per year exempt. This can make a huge difference. Ask for the location of ZFUs in your city .

Guarantees : these aids are not direct funding, but can help you get because they condone some of your bank loan and thus relieve your banker part of the risk jONATHAN MIKULA .

The best known is that of OSEO that supports 70 % of the risk. Talk to your banker because it is possible that this poorly understood type of guarantee .
France Active also offers several guarantees of this type, one specific for women creative business .

Business angels and venture capitalists : these investors entrust you with their money in exchange for a stake in your company. It is therefore not a conventional loan (you will not have to pay if your company plant) : these investors will make money if they are able to sell them with great appreciation ( maybe yourself ) a few years later. In general, business angels invest at the beginning of the company, for sums of tens of thousands of dollars each in general, while venture capitalists invest when the company already has a few years of operation behind it, and needs funds to continue its development.

This type of financing is not for everyone, only companies with great potential - potential that is often linked to an innovative - will interest business angels and venture capitalists. The interest is in addition to money, you also benefit from the experience and network of these investors if you can convince them, which can be a considerable asset.