JF Magic, 10°


In July 2010
Bethlehem, PA, United States

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Miko Green
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JF Magic, L.L.C.
210 East Broad Street
Bethlehem, PA USA 18018

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United States

About Us 

JF Magic consists of a team of highly experienced professionals covering graphic and artistic design, programmable electronics development, LED and fiber optic technology integration, and administration dedicated to advancing current proprietary technologies and products into the world markets. Committed to creating innovative products with extended battery longevity in conjunction with the use of LEDs, solar assisted charging circuits, and other technologies, JF Magic's proprietary software driven printed circuit boards represent the next step to extending the longevity of products thus conserving energy in portable devices. JF Magic brings quality items to the mass market, develops new concept prototypes while maximizing the creative potential of our employees.

We feel that our environmental concerns are reflected in the products that we create. For instance, all our products are primarily focused on using fiber-optic, solar-panel technology, and use off-grid energy sources. None of our creations require the usage of batteries and consequently last a life-time. Our diverse range of merchandise includes shirts, bags, paintings, post-cards, and stationary.