Integrated Environment Conservation and Disaster Assessment for Africa (IECDAA) , 16°


In April 2013
Kampala, Uganda

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Kalele Ronald
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P.O Box 1040 Mbale, Uganda
East Africa.
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About Us 

Integrated Environment Conservation and Disaster Assessment for Africa (IECDAA) is a not for profit making organization formed in 2008 by a group of graduate environmental scientists from Makerere University Institute of Environment and Natural Resources (MUIENR in Uganda). This was after the realization that there is a lot of important information about environment, development and disaster assessment lying idol on shelves that need to be disseminated to our societies. IECDAA has its objectives, mission and goal focused on developing solutions for rising complex and challenging environment issues on the globe.

Through our activities we;
• Mainstream broad based sustainable development through application environmentally friendly mechanisms.
• raise the level of understanding and commitment to action on the part of individuals, voluntary organizations, businesses, institutes and governments towards conservation and disaster assessment
• make environmental protection an integral part of the development possess

IECDAA’s activities focus around the following programmes areas
1) Water harvesting
2) Working with not for profit making organizations
3) Sustainable agriculture
4) Consultancy
5) Research
6) Environment Impact Assessment
7) Proposal writing