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In November 2010
California, United States

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Megan Noller
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About Us 

Did you know… most recyclers charge you a fee to come and collect your e-waste. Why not? You don’t want to go all the way down to the recycler to get rid of that old computer. Hey – we can’t blame you. That’s why we developed GREENspot DROPoff.

At GREENspot DROPoff we’ve partnered with local storage facilities, and the recyclers to make e-waste disposal easy and free for you! You just go to your local GREENspot DROPoff location – usually a storage facility –sign out your e-waste by filling out the DROPoff Log (it’s the law) and then DROPoff those old electrical items. It’s that easy! But more than easy, it’s free for you!

Our goal at GREENspot DROPoff is to go beyond free and easy recycling, to help our communities while helping the environment. So more than just a convenience DROPoff network, we’ve partnered with local schools and charities to help raise money. We call it our TWOgreens program – charities get GREEN while going GREEN. Get it?

That’s who we are.

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