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In July 2009
Miami, United States

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Susan Lewis
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School of Community Education
11380 NW 27th ave
Miami, FL 33167
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United States

About Us 

The Green Urban Living Center (GULC) is a young initiative of Miami Dade College's North Campus. Established in June of 2007, GULC is part of the School of Community Education of Miami Dade College.

Effective October 2008, the Green Urban Living Center is now an official National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Certified Wildlife Habitat!
We are proud to be part of a prestigious group of NWF members across the country who are recognized for protecting and nurturing wildlife in educational settings and community spaces.

GULC's mission is to:

* Promote Environmental Awareness
* Promote Community Health and Self-Care
* Provide ongoing "Green Collar" professional training in new and emerging industries

In addition to the classes and programs currently available at the Green Urban Living Center, we also offer customizable programs for groups of any size and age.

What IS the Green Urban Living Center?
The GULC, established June of 2007, is an education center dedicated to all things green - environmental education, sustainability, eco-friendly lifestyles, healthy eating, natural self care, organic gardening, overall health & wellbeing, and more. We offer classes covering all of these concepts and many more are on the way. We soon will incorporate and offer green collar training and industry related education.

The GULC outdoor garden space is an official National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Certified Wildlife Habitat, effective October 2008; and an official United States Humane Society (HSUS) Urban Wildlife Sanctuary, effective January, 2009. We are thrilled and honored to be recognized by the NWF and HSUS for our work! The GULC outdoor garden is 100% organic, meaning everything is grown without the use of conventional pesticides or artificial fertilizers, and free from contamination by human or industrial waste. The garden only has plants and ecosystems native to Florida.

The garden area consists of a butterfly garden, organic vegetable/herb garden, compost area, and native Florida ecosystems are represented - hardwood hammock, pine rock land, wetlands, and native Florida grasses area.

Inside the center we have multiple classrooms, along with a resource learning center, full kitchen, and open air garden/multiple use room. There are hands on learning resources available in the center including microscopes for kids and adults, educational games, Officer Snook activities, and more.