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In September 2009
Chicago, IL, United States

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M.J. Richmond
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There are other imitations, but there is only one true certification for your janitorial service. If you want to be Green Clean certified, there is no better resource than the Green Clean Institute.

We offer the best credential you could possess in this highly competitive market. As a Green Clean Institute Certified™ individual or firm, you are a cut above your competition.

Green Clean Institute Certified™ is also a federal trademark. This proves our commitment to the project because getting a federal trademark is costly and time consuming. Most firms handing out meaningless Green Clean certified awards are little more than product companies who brought you in to learn about their line of products, but not to educate you in an effective program.

Green Clean Institute does not sell products and does not run a rival janitorial service behind the scenes. We are an "Education Only" program that exists to train, certify, and promote your janitorial or cleaning business. When a potential customer of yours wants to "Check you out," they can call our company or look on our website to find that you are a bona fide Green Clean certified company.

Why not watch our brief video presentation, and see why Green Clean Institute is your company's best advertising advantage. I honestly believe that it is the smartest decision you'll make in 2008.