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In October 2009
Chicago, IL, United States

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MJ Richmond
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2227 White Eagle Dr.
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Avoid greenwashing and earn the respect of your community as an authentically Green business that lives the Green program. Going Green is very popular, but find a reputable firm to validate your Green business status is an very important factor for future credibility.

The Green Business League is the best and most reliable Green Business Certification in the country. More than a federal trademark, there are more than 300 Certified Green Consultants nationwide This is a certification program for Green Businesses that is "Earned, and not Bought." No greenwashing allows since every company is audited annually by a Certified Green Consultant.

Never market a shallow idea. With a GBL Green business certification, your business has earned a credential that trumps the self-appointed Green firms, and shows your customers that your company is a leader in environmental commitment.

By the way, did you also know that Going Green in your business will save your firm thousands or possibly tens of thousands of dollars if properly applied? Its true! There are numerous Green practices that will literally improve profits and eliminate waste. This is a win-win for any business, and a help to all of those that we serve.