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In May 2013
Auckland, New Zealand

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Ian Wroe
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About Us 

GoodTeam is a boutique strategy advisory and execution firm.

GoodTeam supports mission driven organisations and investors who want to deliver measurable social impact and environmental sustainability as well as financial performance. The firm co-creates and designs custom, executable strategy with clients to help them solve ‘high value’ strategic issues. It also provides dedicated execution support to ensure new multiple-bottom-line strategic outcomes are achieved. Consequently the GoodTeam functional expertise is broad and leverages the talents and skills of a proprietary network of high-performing associates who bring domain expertise to any impact investment or hybrid strategy development challenge. The GoodTeam partnership operates internationally, servicing its client base from Auckland, New Zealand

GoodTeam actively seek to partner with investors, corporates and early-stage pioneers who are committed to develop new ways of creating value which offer net benefit to society and to our natural environment. The firm operates across many sectors, including venture capital, energy, banking, telecoms, primary sector, public sector, high-technology (ICT) and the social enterprise domain. GoodTeam intentionally targets engagements and strategic investments that offer significant potential to support human flourishing. The firm supports: (1) the catalysts for industry sector transformation to more sustainable low carbon operations; (2) the enablers for the emergence and scaling of the social enterprise movement; and (3) the investment in and adoption of clean-technologies.

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Specialties: Corporate Strategy, Clean-Tech, Impact Investing, Sustainability and Environment