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In March 2009
Taoyuan , Taiwan

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Michelle Lin
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About Us 

Glycan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has devoted more than 20 years developing new raw material to replace plastic material in order to reduce down plastic wastes, and make our environment greener. Glycan bioresin, is the latest techonlogy starch-based raw material which is 100 biodegradable and non-toxic resin.
Glycan Bio-products is 100% environmentally friendly. It can be produced in any applications, eg: foaming, injection, blow film, and hollow forming applications; and products can be footware, yoga mats, mattresses, cushions, toys, nursery pots, bottoles, containers, stationaries, tubes, garbage bags, handbags, and cutlery....etc.

We are looking for GREENY PROTECTORS who are looking for green products, and contribute your effort to make our planet greener and children healthier.