Friends of the Battle Grounds, 10°


In July 2010
New York, United States

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We are the friends of the Battle Ground park. Our committee was formed to provide event services to the communities.The F.O.T.B.G is a panel of professionals with history in the communities and in the parks history.The Battle grounds is a community base park built from neighborly love ,sportsmanship,respect and dedication to be all you can be,whether your game was basketball,handball,swing jumping,see saw battles,and hip hop battles.The Battlegrounds became that place where all the youth from the communities would gathered together to bring their skills to the park or to come and learn the neccessary skills to be one of the best.It is safe to say that the Battlegrounds park became the gladiating producing environment creating gladiators from all angles of sports and entertainment.One of the key structures in foundating the establishment of the name "Battlegrounds". With neighborhood music groups such as The Almighty G Force crew and The People Choice.These two Hip Hop crews brought music to the park for the enjoyment of all communities. These groups battled each other constantly for the rights of being the best. The neighborhood and many communities whether far or near knows this park as "The Battle Grounds."