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In December 2011
Haryana, India

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Pratika Chauhan
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534/4, ramnager
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Searching for astrologer to get rid of confusions in your life? Take advice from astrologer at Your Future. He has more than 15 years of experience in astrology and is really expert in giving the remedies to solve the problems of your life.

Mr. Manmohahan Shrivastav was born on March 19, 1963 as a Leo. He was spiritual from his early childhood at the age of 8. He was interested in knowing about sage and studying books from childhood. At the age of 16 he was attracted towards numerology. He came to know that nature of a person depends on planets. He interested towards Yoga and felt that God himself is a great spiritual teacher and knowledge from our inner spirit. He also got knowledge about palmistry at the age of 20.

He got married in the year 1982. At the age of 21 he studied about Tantra Mantra. When a prediction by an astrologer about his accident in 2001 became true then he paid attention to astrology. He emphasis on practical knowledge more than theoretical and adopt Indian astrology as a profession. Till now more than 10000 families get benefited by his kind guidance. At the beginning of his profession he used Laal kitab astrology but soon he realized that solutions provided by ancient sages are more effective than Laal kitab remedies. He has experiences in many fields viz. Yoga, Spirituality, Numerology, Tantra Mantra & astrology. He provides best solution considering summary of all the fields because he thinks that only one way can't give proper solution.

He also studied about Gemstones and came to know that use of it increases the strength of a person. He believes that Vedic Astrology and Tantra Mantra is a science instead of blind faith and the universe is moving in a sequence. By astrology we can get benefit in every field of life. If a person doing right things and using right solution than can get 100 percent result from astrology. Mr. Manmohan Shrivastav wants to give benefits of free astrology reading to more and more people and is a precious step towards it.

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