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In July 2008
Brisbane, Australia

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Nicholas Bernhardt
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Level 23, 127 Creek St, Brisbane, QLD 4000
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About Us 

Companies can now green their business and receive independent recognition of their environmental efforts. Ecobizcheck offers a well-researched, global best standards environmental certification programme specifically designed for office-based businesses.

This highly effective programme can assist thousands of non-industrial, services sector companies quickly implement environmentally responsible business practices which save money, attract staff and customers and help protect the environment.

Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our time. It is the greatest environmental challenge we face today as a global community. Ecobizcheck provides companies with a virtual checklist of practical tasks which reduce energy and water use and wastage in the workplace.

Newly certified companies benefit from reduced cost of wastage, lower greenhouse gas emissions, improved market reputation and a noticeable increase in staff morale as their company implements environmentally responsible initiatives.

Certification is cost effective and straight-forward. Companies pay a deposit, work through a checklist and then receive a comprehensive improvement report from ecobizcheck.