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In October 2011
Palm Coast, FL, United States

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Denise Baraka Lawrence
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DeniseLawrence.Com, LLC - The Concept Alchemy Company; imagines, develops and bundles universal social engineering brands and systems that create solutions for society. Original, non-responsive products designed to produce maximum social and financial returns; represent conscious choices that supersede accepted notions that counteractive circumstance must inevitably proliferate.

As creator we develop brands that support people in leading sustainable empowered lives. As a “bundler” we access our capability of mobilizing financial and human assets to improve the human condition and focus on the connections between people as the ultimate resource and spark for transformation. Our network gives direct access to millions of members.

Kind-Hearted Commerce™ is a powerful force for positive growth. Identified by our colorful Flutterby* “PANDORA’S” love-centric products illuminate winning formulas that span multiple industries and gathers impact data on solutions derived from the convergence of society, edutainment and commerce.

“Combining companies that complement each other is just good business. Synergizing companies for 360◦ triple bottom line yield – that’s concept alchemy. Our fanciful way to say--“Rewrite the Legend.” Good business uses concept alchemy to make the imagined real. We are proud to be a certified B Corp--which provides a fertile environment to “make the imagined real”