Circle of Blue, 10°


In September 2008
Traverse City, MI, United States

About Us 

Circle of Blue is the international network of leading journalists, scientists and communications designers that reports and presents the information necessary to respond to the global freshwater crisis. It is a nonprofit affiliate of the internationally recognized water, climate and policy think tank, the Pacific Institute.

Circle of Blue also publishes WaterNews, the daily go-to source for global water news and data.

Circle of Blue makes the complexities of the global freshwater crisis relevant and personal. Circle of Blue reports and collects information and data, and presents it in coherent, accessible and connected forms. Circle of Blue provides a highly visible forum for response, and through communications design, extends awareness into action. In most cases, the solutions to solve the global freshwater crisis exist. What's lacking is the awareness and will to respond.

Circle of Blue approaches the freshwater crisis with three coordinated, interrelated components: front-line journalism, existing and new science and data, and innovative communications design. Capturing the human heart through storytelling, making water issues personal and relevant, providing a hub for data visualization, aggregation, and integration, while creating a social campaign for people to connect to and respond to the global freshwater crisis, Circle of Blue applies the best tools of the 21st century to transcend traditional bounds and raise awareness around water.