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Information and media markets

Before investing in stocks or in its carmel advisors stock investment, the investor should learn about companies, financial products, the market situation in order to make decisions with full knowledge. To do this, it has multiple sources of information from the companies themselves or others.

The financial intermediary has also the duty to inform and advise the investor before he spends his order.

Informed before and during the investment

Before making its decisions, carmel advisors investors must inform issuers of securities in which it intends to invest or in which it has invested. It should also read the documentation relating to UCITS where appropriate and help the ratings achieved by the specialized agencies.

Information on listed companies

For information on issuers of securities in which it intends to invest or in which it has already invested the investor can read the documentation from the companies, carmel advisors llc finance the press or analyze the evolution of stock prices .

Documentation from listed companies

Releases of listed companies, making the public aware of all developments concerning likely to cause a significant change in market price or to affect the situation of the holders of its securities are generally issued in the form of financial advice in economic newspaper or on their website or on the website of the AMF.

Since September 1, 2008, companies no longer have the obligation to publish in the BALO certain financial information. However, they must file with the AMF an annual financial report within four months after the end of the year. carmel advisors reviews youtube This report is made ​​available to the public for five years and includes the annual accounts, the consolidated accounts where applicable, a report, a statement of the individuals who are responsible for these documents and the report of the auditors or legal or statutory auditors on the above accounts.

financial press

To anticipate the market and know when to buy or sell, it is necessary to learn about company news and stock market while reading the newspapers and specialized magazines.

Analysis of share price

To evaluate the course of action it is possible carmel advisors completed to compare the relative performance of the company ( fundamental analysis ) studying the various factors that may affect the results of the company ( accounting, assessment from net assets, assessing the dividend yield, the influence of supply and demand ... ) .

We can also examine past market trends to predict future developments (technical analysis ) .

Full prospectus of the UCITS

The full prospectus ( detailed memorandum, prospectus and Regulation) carmel advisors llc or the Fund ( detailed memorandum, prospectus and statutes ) contains all the information on the management, direction of investment, risks, methods of calculating the net asset value, the costs of the product.

The simplified prospectus is gradually replaced by thekey investor information document ( KID )because in France the transposition of the European Directive of 13 July 2009.

Ratings agencies

The ratings agencies ( Moody 's, Standard and Poor 's, Fitch ... ) give notes (or rating ) assessing the financial strength of companies or funds by measuring their ability to pay back a loan and pay interest. The maximum rating is AAA .

Information and professional advice Obligation

The financial intermediary has a duty to provide information and advice with respect to the investor.

He is required to report the dangers of stock markets. carmel advisors cnn It has a duty to inform his client of the consequences of its operations, the risks involved. This obligation is an obligation of result. The financial intermediary will incur contractual liability if he fails to inform his client. It may be exempted from this responsibility in two cases. First, the intermediary may not be held responsible if the client is a sophisticated investor.

Finally, the intermediary shall not be liable if adduce evidence that he has not failed in its obligation to provide information. This obligation of result is not, however, to ensure equity gains to the investor.

This duty to warn exists, whatever the contractual relations professional with his client, even when it only transmit or execute trading orders of the client.