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In January 2009
California, United States

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Brobeck Solar Energy is developing the Energy Credit Card. The basic premise of the Energy Credit Card is that it is a regular credit card that will have funds loaded onto the card by the local electric utility that will be proportional to the electricity generated by the utility-owned solar PV system on the building owner’s rooftop. It is also a discount card, with local retailers offering discounts for energy related goods and services. It’s a substitute for cash that will allow electric utilities to compensate building owners for using their roof space while at the same time encouraging building owners to make energy efficiency improvements. The Energy Credit Card is just like a regular credit card, widely accepted in today’s marketplace, and it will promote energy efficiency programs more effectively than current programs, which include tedious rebate forms. Since the building owners still pay for their electricity in the normal manner, they will be more apt to reduce their consumption through better practice and improved energy efficiency. The Energy Credit Card payment system also allows the separate monetization by the utilities of Renewable Energy Credits and carbon offsets.