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In September 2010
Dalian, China

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April Liu
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26 Gaoneng St., R405, Dalian Hightech Zone Dalian, LN, China

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About Us 

BITeomics, Inc., founded in 2003 in China, is a high-tech biological company established by overseas Chinese scientists, specializing in integration of current Chinese and overseas social and technological resources, providing frontier technologies and product services for human health and biological careers.
BIT Life Sciences is the subsidiary company of BITeomics, Inc., it is dedicate to create a global life science intelligent exchange channel by addressing professional needs for information and technology sharing and eliminating culture divergence in bio-industries simultaneously.

BIT Life Sciences aims to be the world Intelligence Exchange Leader offering specific information and human resource exchange services for academia and industries, professional and commercial societies from major industrial sectors and academic organizations. BIT Life Sciences Integrates Intelligence resources through well-organized events, courses and Talent Searches, establishes collaborations/licensing by tech trade Affairs and Tech-Tour, and visualizes milestone achievements by reports, publications and e-newsletters.