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In October 2013
Khlongtoey , Bangkok, Thailand

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Nick Collins
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Unit1708 17th floor, one pacific place, Sukhumvit 140
Khlongtoey, Bangkok, Thailand.
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About Us 

Beauty Med Thailand prides itself on strict adherence to the highest ethical standards and excellent patient care. Depending upon the type of elective surgery you will undergo, you can expect a short period of hospitalization and then an extended rest period. This varies from procedure to procedure and you will be advised of these details before the surgery.

We are specialized in cheek implants, chin implants, face lifts, BOTOX, arm and thigh lifts and buttocks implants and all our procedures are performed by highly accredited plastic surgeons. Our highly trained and professional staff will ensure that you have a comfortable and pleasant stay in a state of the art hospital where your every need is catered for. All procedures are highly cost effective when compared with our competitors and carried out in the privacy and comfort of a professional medical environment.