Bamboo and Tikis, 11°


In February 2009
United States

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About Us was created with the intention of providing our clients with the resources needed to create an escape from their everyday lives in their very own backyard. We specialize in creating peaceful environments and breathtaking landscapes with planet friendly products created from renewable resources.

How are we green?
Our mission is to beautify the environment by providing inspiring creations from renewable resources and planet friendly products. We partner with clients that want to change their outlook at the same time they change their environment.

Bamboo is an extremely sustainable resource that is perfect for building projects. Unlike wood which can take years to grow and harvest, bamboo can be harvested annually.
Save trees, use bamboo!

It is the small choices that we make on a day to day basis that have the greatest influence on our future. By being conscious in every day choices, you are choosing to make a stand against waste, deforestation, and destruction to the planet.