This help section provides an overview of the Celsias site, then explains in detail the cool things you can do.

How does Celsias help reduce global warming?

There are several ways you can interact with Celsias and its community to begin taking direct action against global warming.


To learn about climate change, have a look at  Articles where there is a wealth of articles from around the world where writers contribute their thoughts, views and advice on many aspects of climate change.

You might also try the Celsias Lounge where friendly people meet for casual conversation.

Or visit the Q&A Hall where you can ask questions of the climate change pros in the Celsias community, then become one yourself.


Browse, then commit to actions that combat climate change.

Committing to an action is easy; just find one you like and believe you can complete.   For example, you could commit to cycling to work a few days a week, or to replacing your incandescent light bulbs with low-energy options. Then just click on 'I pledge to do this action'. If you don't find an Action that suits you, simply create a new one!

Find, follow and get updates on great projects.

There are hundreds of cool projects on Celsias created by individuals, organizations and companies.  Find a few you like, click on 'Follow this project' and begin receiving automatic feeds onto your 'My Celsias' page. You can also contact project leaders to learn more or join a project as a member.


Once you've made the hardest step of engaging, you just need to get on and make the difference! Complete the climate change actions you've committed to and join the projects you've been following - perhaps even start an action or project (and get funding from the Celsias community or corporate sponsors) yourself!

Once you've started work on the climate change projects you're now a member of, or completed the actions you pledged to, you can tell everyone by adding updates to your Celsias project pages and by confirming that you've 'completed your actions'. These updates then get seen automatically by all your friends and by other interested Celsias users on the relevant 'Action' or 'Project' pages.

Now what?

Well, the biggest payback is that you've actively helped fight climate change. Secondly, you'll be awarded Celsias points for everything positive you do, including rating stuff and building your network of Celsias members. .

Tools and Functions

Celsias Points

Each time do something on Celsias, you earn Celsias Points. The more Points that are associated with you, the more you're seen by the Celsias community as being a climate change champion.

Each thing you do has a different amount of Points assigned to it, with more being given for things that require more effort... just pledging to do an action awards less Points than creating a whole new project, for example. Here's a full breakdown of the points you can earn:

  • Add a profile image = 10 points 
  • Complete an action = 5 points 
  • Get your discussion, question or answer clicked as 'cool' by others = 2 points
  • Get a follower of your profile = 5 points
  • Pledge to do an action = 1 point
  • Get invited to join Celsias = 2 points
  • Follow a project = 1 point
  • Become a member of a project = 20 points
  • Become a project leader = 30 points

User Profile

Your user profile page is where you upload information about yourself and get aggregated information on the content, projects, actions and people you're interested in.


An action is ‘a simple task undertaken by an individual or organisation that requires little or no planning but actively reduces climate change'. This could be anything from cycling to work every Friday to switching off office appliances each evening.

Pledge to do an action

If you find an action you'd like to do that already exists on Celsias, you can ‘pledge' to do it (if you mean it!). If one that you'd like to do doesn't exist, then simply go ahead and create a new one.

Complete an action

Once ‘pledged' to an action - and gone out and actually done the thing, you can come back to the site and hit ‘I've completed this action'. As a result, you get to global warming and have the Celsias community see your efforts on your Celsias profile page and across the site.

Discussions and Questions

The Discussions and Questions area provides the opportunity to talk with the wider Celsias community about climate change issues that interest you. By using the Discussions Lounge, or asking and answering questions in the Q&A Hall, you can become recognised as an expert in your area of interest. If fame doesn't float your boat, then you can just read other people's opinions.

Contributing to a discussion/question

The Celsias website has a selection of user generated discussions and questions for you to join and answer. When you see one you like, just add your own responses by entering text and hitting submit - hopefully others will like what you've written!

Following a discussion/question

If you want to stay informed about discussions or questions you like, then just go to the right question or discussion page and hit ‘follow this'. Update feeds will then be sent through to your profile page each time someone adds a comment or answer.

Creating a discussion/question

If you can't find a discussion or question that's you're interested in or can answer, then you can go ahead and create your own discussion or question on global warming. Others in the Celsias community will then jump in and provide thoughts, opinions and answers.


A Celsias Project is ‘something undertaken by a group of people that requires planning and work, and actively reduces climate change'. This could be anything from planting trees to offset carbon produced in your house, to reducing fuel consumption of a company delivery fleet.

Why should I be interested in Celsias projects?

Celsias projects are where the action really happens. Use this area and get:

  • A wealth of new ideas on how you can help fight climate change
  • The chance to follow great climate change projects to show your support
  • Opportunities to actually join and contribute to climate change projects you're passionate about!
  • The ability to rank & comment on projects to win extra Celsias points
  • See which companies & organizations are really fighting climate change
  • The opportunity to ask companies what they're really doing to fight global warming
  • The ability to start your own projects and ask for support absolutely free!


Following a project

If you find a climate change project you like that already exists on Celsias and you want to learn more, see how it progresses or build a rapport with project members you can opt to ‘follow' it. This means that you get regular project update feeds on your profile page to see how things are getting on.

Joining a project

If you see a climate change project and decide that you'd like to start helping out, then simply click go to this project's page and send an email to the project leader asking to 'Get Involved'. A message will be sent to the project leader, who can then accept your application to join. Once you've done this, you can liaise with the project team, start helping out and add updates to the project page to tell everyone what you've done.

Creating a project

If you can't find a project on Celsias that's suited to your requirements (maybe you don't like the ones in your area or there simply isn't one doing what you want to do), then you can go ahead and create your own, new climate change project. Once you enter the required information, you'll automatically be assigned as the ‘Project Leader'. From here, you can add, edit and delete content and accept applications to join.

Companies & Organizations

Many companies and organizations want to showcase the effort they're making to an interested, engaged and growing green community.

This can be done by simply creating pages on Celsias to tell the community what they're doing to fight global warming.

If you have already registered with Celsias, go ahead and create your free Company or Organization page right now.

Adding content to Company or Organization pages

On your company or organization page, you can create a profile, upload a logo, invite people to join, add links, and pledge your company to undertake simple actions that combat climate change for absolutely free.

You can also show an unlimited number of climate change projects that your company is responsible for on your company page for a simple fee (to find out more about fees, simply get in touch with Celsias here). The projects you choose will even show your company logo for extra exposure!

When you do this, you can then upload Corporate Responsibility documents onto your company page for no extra charge.

Featured Companies & Orgs 

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