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Musings on science, religion, and Us 1° (1 reply)

I was listening to a lecture/conversation between Wes Jackson of the Land Institute and Wendell Berry this morning and the topic wandered to science and it's mandate. To paraphrase, science doesn't decide what's good, culture does that, within culture religion has largely had a monopoly on that word, that task, ...

Started by C Robb W. in October 2008, about Climate Change, Consumerism, Education, Environment & Wildlife, Food, Philosophy & Religion

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How will being an active member of the community give you tremendous benefits? 1° (1 reply)

Involvement in community helps you feel a part of something bigger – a part of a real team, and leave your mark to help make a better world you will feel like a superhero. Although it may be unusual to think about and a weird thing to actually consider, but ...

Started by BetterWorld I. this month, about Art & Culture, Children and Families, Environment & Wildlife, Lifestyle & Behavior, Smart Growth

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The plastic in our oceans - Boyan Slat's initiative 1° (1 reply)

Do you know the amount of plastic we add to our oceans every year. The way it enters our body as a part of food we eat as fish. There is this amazing initiative by Boyan Slat called the Ocean Clean Up project. Read more about it: http://bit.ly/2186ASQ Do you ...

Started by BetterWorld I. this month, about Agriculture & Food, Environment & Wildlife, Lifestyle & Behavior, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Water

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What is business sustainabilty? 1° (1 reply)

What would you classify business sustainability as? What does it involve as a whole? Input into communities, charities, helping the eco-system etc?

Started by Jess S. in April 2011, about Action, Protest, & Activism, Alternative, Cohousing, & Off-Grid Living, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Consumerism, Design, Education, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Green energy, Industry & Business, Pollution, Poverty & Development, Recycling

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Global Youth Panel 1° (1 reply)

Hello to everyone! As you all know the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference is approaching, and here at Debatewise we are attempting to put together a one thousand strong panel of young people to debate the issues that arise in Copehagen. We want this panel to contain people from every country ...

Started by Ricky D. in October 2009, about Climate Change, Deforestation, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Emissions, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Global Dimming, Logging, Pollution, Recycling, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Water, Weather

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