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GM crops increase pesticide use 8° (3 replies)

From Organic Consumers Association "According to a recent (December 2008) global summary report from the Worldwatch Institute: 1) The U.S. leads the world, by far, in genetically engineered crop production and consumption. 2) The widespread planting of crops genetically engineered to resist specific pesticides (which allows farmers to apply more ...

Started by C Robb W. in February 2009, about Agriculture & Food, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Genetic Modification, Organic, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans

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EU continues to see the light and listen to reason 7° (2 replies)

See Organic Consumers Association http://www.organicconsumers.org/gelink.cfm " Although more than 70% of the non-organic food in American supermarkets contains genetically engineered ingredients, massive opposition to GMO crops in Europe has basically kept them off the market (except for imported animal feed). According to the majority the EU, biotech crops pose unacceptable ...

Started by C Robb W. in February 2009, about Agriculture & Food, Food, Genetic Modification, Organic

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New research shows that BT Cotton kills the soil 2° (2 replies)

Recent research by Navdanya, the research organization set up by world renowned scientist Vandana Shiva, has shown that BT Cotton, Mon 810 produced by Monsanto, destroys the ecology of the soil by killing vital microorganisms necessary for the transfer of nutrients from the soil to the plant. Read more at ...

Started by C Robb W. in March 2009, about Agriculture & Food, Environmental Disasters, Genetic Modification, Health, Industry & Business

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Biofuels - a con right now, but the war for supremacy will only gather momentum 2° (2 replies)

Biofuels is big business - there's simply no debating that. What we need to do is think how to address the infrastructure/transport/genetic issues surrounding production, rather than screaming 'they're no good'! But we need to get this sorted soon, as methods for production will be too entrenched to change if ...

Started by Matthew W. in June 2008, about Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Climate Change, Genetic Modification, Industry & Business, Transport

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http://advancedtrimsite.com/vital-cleanse-pro/ 0° (no replies)

http://advancedtrimsite.com/vital-cleanse-pro/ Vital Cleanse Pro Tips About The Colon Detox Diet To be able to remove wastes and dangerous components from colon colon cleansing is very important. It's a number of benefits from increasing digestion to skincare. For cleaning colon, it's crucial that you eat a healthier diet. Colon cleansing helps ...

Started by Stacycioffi C. yesterday, about Genetic Modification

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Why Do Men Like Creamy Pussy? 0° (no replies)

On a basic instinctual level men are enticed by women who possess the features that demonstrate fertility, health, and sexual arousal. A <a href="http://creamypussyvideos.com/">creamy pussy</a> is a sign of increased hormones in females which many men are subconsciously attracted to.During sexual arousal and intercourse, vaginal secretion increases to provide lubrication. ...

Started by Rajesh S. yesterday, about Genetic Modification

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