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Binary Option Trade With Call and Put 1° (1 reply)

Prior to the selection of the particular type of asset, it is vital for the trader to realize the nature and the price direction of the asset in advance. This factor allows the trader to trade wisely by making the right investment and adopt the best tools to make it ...

Started by Mukesh K. yesterday, about Finance & Money

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Alcohol and Cholesterol 1° (1 reply)

Keep a Medical Journal or a Medical Log Similar to the ones for babies and children, it's a good idea to keep a medical journal or log for yourself. You obviously can't remember everything medicine you've taken and how you reacted to it for the past year. Keeping a journal ...

Started by Sagasan S. yesterday, about Finance & Money

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http://www.5th.co.in/packers-and-movers-bangalore/ # Packers and Movers Bangalore 0° (no replies)

Dispose of the now not so used and out of date outfits, shoes and an identical elements. Throughout the in an identical procedure if there are heavy fixtures and that too traditional then it’s the a hazard to say it a farewell and supplies discipline to the manufacturer new and ...

Started by Kumar S. yesterday, about Finance & Money

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Tesla Motors is there to secure Toyota’s investment with IPO 3° (3 replies)

Tesla Motors is there to secure Toyota’s investment with IPO Thanks to a blockbuster IPO, Tesla Motors has finally secured additional financing and investment from Toyota Motors. The Toyota Motors/Tesla Motors partnership is one of the numerous Tesla motors has developed in a quest for a mass-market, all-electric car. Is ...

Started by Antonio L. in July 2010, about Finance & Money

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Advice on energy tracking devices in your house? 2° (2 replies)

Hi everyone! Do you use some traffic devices to track you energy use at home that will help to safe your money on electricity? Any advices on it?

Started by Maria K. in August 2015, about Finance & Money

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Top 10 green companies 2008? 5° (5 replies)

CNN thinks these guys were worth a mention for going above and beyond last year: 1. Honda (www.honda.com) 2. Continental Airlines (www.continental.com) 3. Suncor (www.suncor.com) 4. Tesco (www.tesco.com) 5. Alcan (www.alcan.com) 6. PG&E (www.pge.com) 7. SC Johnson (www.scjohnson.com) 8. Goldman Sachs (www2.goldmansachs.com) 9. Swiss Re (www.swissre.com) 10. Hewlett-Packard (www.hp.com) Who ...

Started by Matthew W. in August 2008, about Economics, Finance & Money, Industry & Business

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Green Business Start-up Cost 3° (3 replies)

Green businesses may take some investment initially, but for long run it is very much affordable and many government organizations may help them to expand through their affordable financing options. http://blog.unitedvirtualoffice.com/index.php/2012/10/17/top-5-ways-to-finance-a-startup-or-small-business/

Started by David Nikolic in October 2012, about Finance & Money

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New book "Carbon markets or climate finance?" 3° (3 replies)

I would like to announce the book “Carbon markets or climate finance“? (editor Axel Michaelowa) just released by Routledge. The book assesses the challenges of climate finance in the context of the post-Copenhagen negotiations and compares financing based on market mechanisms to public finance vehicles. This is done through evaluation ...

Started by Axel M. in January 2012, about Carbon Trading, Climate Change, Economics, Emissions, Finance & Money, Politics & Government, Poverty & Development

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