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Have a Look at the Common Dissertation Writing Troubles 0° (no replies)

There are many issues which would bother the students while they are asked to write the dissertation. The troubles would start from the time when choosing the title for the dissertation. To choose an apt topic the students need a skill to narrow down the topic from the lengthy academic ...

Started by Kathleen R. last month, about Education

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Get Free From All On Bed Issues with Testerone XL 0° (no replies)

While finding the best testosterone improver, you must take many factors into account. When it comes to Testerone XL, there is no need to give a second thought. Just ready to use it now! Go to : http://www.healthyminimarket.com/testerone-xl/

Started by Willie Y. last month, about Health

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Shop for Good Quality Bath Sheets and Towels Online 0° (no replies)

We never compromise anything when it comes to anything related with our home and home products. It is the only place in the entire world where we get peace of mind and solace and as soon as we enter in our house we feel utterly relaxed. Sincerely there is no ...

Started by Koleyn M. last month, about Industry & Business

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How to Develop Interests in Dissertation Writing? 0° (no replies)

Throughout the educational career, every student has to pass several types of academic papers like essays, dissertation, and term papers and so on. These are not only the assignment papers given by your professor to provide grades, and also it is the best tools to improve your skills. Dissertation writing ...

Started by Janis S. last month, about Education

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Social Networking for Clean Tech Professionals 7° (2 replies)

Is there is any social networking sites that has customized for Energy or Clean technology. I searched in the net, all i could find is groups in facebook, linkedin etc. There must be specialized site since its a big and growing industry.

Started by Arunesh K. in April 2011, about Clean Technologies

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McCain's Nuclear Plans and Bush's Plans to Drill Offshore 14° (14 replies)

I'm curious how other people feel about Bush's recent mention of lifting bans on offshore drilling? McCain's goal of building 45 new nuclear reactors by 2030? (see links below) With high fuel costs, the time seems right to talk about renewables. What will finally cause the political right to begin ...

Started by Alexandra Smith in June 2008, about Clean Technologies, Coal & Oil, Nuclear

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Eco friendly recycled products & news 3° (3 replies)

hey everyone, check out this website that reviews and promotes green and eco friendly products. It also has news about new technologies and other earth friendly events! http://gogogreentree.blogspot.com/

Started by Bob F. in April 2011, about Recycling

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New Website For Sustainably-Minded Entrepreneurs 1° (1 reply)

New York City Business SMART (Business Sustainably Minded Action Roundtable), a diverse group of eco-entrepreneurs has opened itself up to the world. Our goal is to help one another build vibrant, sustainable businesses while caring for the environment and fostering community. The group used to be open only to New ...

Started by Bruce K. in April 2011, about Industry & Business

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Cost Effective Electricity Savings 1° (1 reply)

‘Micro-generation’ simply put utilizing renewable energy at a home/household level. Otherwise known as ‘Green Energy’. Formulating a plan of action that suits your households situation is also driven by the householders motives, usually one or a combination of wanting to; save money, reduce your households environmental impact, or improve the ...

Started by Michael S. in April 2011, about Energy Saving

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Solar Energy TweetChat 1° (1 reply)

We would like to invite you to a Solar Energy TweetChat on Wednesday’s @ 6pm (PST). Our objective is to open up the conversation amongst us all to be more informed. We are also interested in prospective guests hosts in the upcoming weeks. Please email us if you are interested. ...

Started by Pamela S. in April 2011, about Solar

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