Currently we the people and our planet, the ongoing climate change with its impacts, Arctic zone and its ice is very important in reflecting incoming solar radiation back to the space, the oil companies include shell and BP wants to take advantage of melting ice so as to get a chance to drill oil in area, 90 billion barrel of oil are expected to be used for just 3 yrs, this will led to increase of Global warming since the use fossil fuel, The drilling will not affect polar bears only but also human and our planet at large.
Lets join hands in pressurizing oil drilling companies to stop drilling plans in Arctic.

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One of the major responsible for this are industries and businesses which keeps on expanding all the time. Even for attending meetings (once in a month or so) they have offices at different locations. They can save the energy utilized there by having virtual offices.

Written in September 2012

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The study and researches by scientist are now indicating the increasing of ice in Antarctica, should this be the reason to reduce our concern in Arctic crises?

Written in September 2012

We all should be responsible and take steps in helping fight climate change. I found a social networking site,, that helps you keep track of your environmentally friendly acts. And not only that, it also suggests a number of green activities you can do to help save the planet.

Written in December 2012

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Yes Jackie, the world fate is upon our hands, if we won't take measures now to deal with CC then tommorrow suffering will be severe, By the way thanks for the link, i will share it further.

Written in December 2012

Already, some major oil exploration companies have begun drilling in Arctic waters and, although they have experienced various set-backs, it is only a matter of time before full-scale multi-nation prospecting is underway.

This drive to exploit the resources of the Arctic, and possibly at some future time the Antarctic, is lamentable. The resources in question are largely carbon-based and their extraction will only compound the huge adverse effects that carbon-based energy consumption is having on the polar regions and globally. The short-sightedness of pillaging the poles for immediate economic gain, the effect of which will ultimately result in severe economic hardship later due to climate change, is astounding. Read more -

Written in June 2013

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