Take A Free "Solar 101 Workshop – Solar Straight Talk",

Pamela S. 10°

An informal workshop on how to use the sun's power to benefit your home or business is being held on Thursday, October 18th, 2012 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm at the Lakewood Country Club. The "Solar 101 Workshop - Solar Straight Talk" will be-hosted by one of California's oldest established solar companies - Ameco Solar.

According to Patrick Redgate, President & CEO of Ameco Solar, "Solar is a technology that has the potential to help anybody who has a utility bill. We want to define in a no pressure environment and in layman's terms, what going solar is all about and how easily it can be done."

Register before October 16th by calling 562-633-4400. emailing
gosolar@amecosolar.com or visit http://adobe.ly/OyDwmZ

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Pamela S. 10°

Maximum capacity has been reached. We are no longer accepting RSVP’s at this time. Please contact Ameco Solar (562) 633-4400 or gosolar@amecosolar.com for our next upcoming Solar 101 Workshop!

Written in October 2012

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