What do you think of McCain's pick of Sarah Palin for VP?, 15°

Leslie B. 232°

According to Grist (http://gristmill.grist.org/story/2008/8/29/8361...)


- Opposed a statewide ballot initiative to prohibit or restrict new mining operations that could affect salmon in the state's streams and rivers
- Has pushed to build a natural-gas pipeline from Alaska's North Slope
- Got the state legislature to pass a bill to provide each Alaskan $1,200 to help with energy costs
- Sued the Interior Department over its decision to list the polar bear as a threatened species
- Has proposed eliminating Alaska's gas tax
- Has pushed to open Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling
- Has created a committee to forge Alaska's climate-change strategy, and has made Alaska an observer (but not a member) of the Western Climate Initiative
- Opposes a windfall profits tax on oil companies
- Was the ethics commissioner of the Alaska Gas and Oil Conservation Commission from 2003 to 2004
- Lifelong angler and hunter
- Husband is an oil production operator for BP on Alaska's North Slope
- Started Alaska's Petroleum Systems Integrity Office, an oversight and maintenance agency for the state's oil and gas equipment, facilities, and infrastructure
- Chairs the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a multistate panel "that promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment"
- Believes intelligent design should be taught along with evolution in science classes

Check out the Grist piece, there is a whole section of Palin quotes including: "When I look every day, the big oil company's building is right out there next to me, and it's quite a reminder that we should have mutually beneficial relationships with the oil industry."

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Charles M. 110°

It's all about trying to broaden voter base by offering more than just "boring old white guy".

By running a woman he's really trying to pick up some of those Hillary Clinton supporters. He's playing a deliberate sex card here.

I don't see a problem with hunting and fishing. If you eat meat then this is a far more ethical way to do it than paying someone else to foul the land with feedlots then do your killing for you. One quick bullet while browsing is far more humane than the stress of trucking to an abattoir.

I respect vegetarians [the rest of my family are vegetarian], but I really get annoyed with the people who will say how terrible hunting is, while chomping into a steak that they bought in a neat plastic package in the supermarket. If you want to kill animals for food, then have the empathy to do it yourself!

Here in NZ (and I believe USA and elsewhere), most hunters and fishermen are rabid conservationists. protecting habitat from agricultural exploitation. It might seem weird that people might protect animals and then kill some of them, but hunters will only kill a few (they want to preserve a healthy population). Converting the lands to agriculture will just kill the lot!

Written in August 2008

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I believe Charles M did a great job responding to the hunter/gatherer aspect of Palin so I'll pass on that part.

There are two issues with McCain's choice of VP that trouble me.

First it shows how ignorant McCain is about the common cause of creating a sustainable living environment for all species - globally. As much as I scoff at such an obvious "sex-card" being played, I also roll my eyes at the notion that McCain is trying to push an agenda of energy independence for the US that still relies on petroleum. Drill drill drill is the answer, he claims, and clearly his pick for VP is meant to bolster that party line.

Having lived in Alaska for a few years I can tell you that the isolated nature of that that state makes Palin a completely unacceptable candidate. Yes Alaska is part of the Union, but her ability to interface and understand the issues of the rest of the nation are greatly impared because of her background. She can not, and will not be able to perform the duties of a VP with empathy and cooperation because her singular perspective is shaped because she comes from a state where natural resources are abundant, open space is a given, and conservation is not required to maintain quality of life.

This is not a political (Dem/GOP) issue, it is truly an issue about capacity for governing. She may do well in the far North, but offers nothing to the rest of the the country, and thus the world.

Written in September 2008

Leslie B. 232°

I am very troubled by her denial that global warming is a result of human activity. We will have an article up about this tomorrow...

Written in September 2008

John P. 199°

How on earth can Americans trust a person to make impartial decisions on energy production when that person's family income is obtained largely from the oil industry.

Written in September 2008

Not my election, but I find it strange the way she comes across as a outdoors kind of person with the hunting and all that, but has absolutely no regard for Alaska's environment. That seems either hypocritical or pretty ignorant.

Written in September 2008

Charles M. 110°


Not that I'm a supporter or anything, but I think this is a reflection of the way things are in Alaska.

Huge place. Low population. Population density is 1.1 people per square mile. In comparison, USA is approx 80 per square mile, New Zealand is 40 per square mile and UK is 637 per square mile. World average is approx 115 per square mile.

With all that room you can fly a small plane for hours without seeing any signs of human habitation. You can go fishing and hunting without seeing another person for days or weeks, let alone having your trip spoiled by oil rigs etc.

It also makes it really hard for anyone from a place like that to view the world as being finite.

John P; The obvious answer is NO. GWB proved that!

Written in September 2008

That's a good point. I hadn't thought of that, coming from overcrowded England.

Written in September 2008

C Robb W. 444°

You all covered the issues regarding her past actions and views pretty well. What really scares me is that she will become president if McCain dies, a not statistically unlikely prospect.

Written in September 2008

John P. 199°

A scary prospect indeed.

Getting back to Leslie's original point. What was her denial that global warming is a result of human activity based on. It can't be scientific facts, because they state otherwise. Could it be self-interest?

Eliav Bitan, in his excellent article on the subject, quoted Governor Palin on Global Warming as saying: "I'm not one though who would attribute it to being man-made"

Speaking for myself. I'm not one who would attribute a leaky pipe to lime-scale. That's why when I have a leaky pipe I call a plumber.

We should expect the same common sense from our politicians!

Written in September 2008

C Robb W. 444°

Well we certainly won't get it from the "drill drill drill" party! This is the party that responded to the economic downturn after 9/11 by encouraging us to "go shopping". This is the politics of addiction and dependence.

Written in September 2008

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